A Kushy Punch Michigan Edibles Review
October 5, 2019

I got a new neighbor recently. I actually have a bit of a crush on her. She’s definitely not your typical girl next door, though.

As you can see, she’s an absolutely striking redhead. Every morning along my commute I find myself intoxicated by her aura as she briefly and silently towers above me.

Unfortunately, she’s not really the approachable type. And I’m not exactly the most outgoing guy, either. To be honest I haven’t even managed to catch her name yet. Rather than relying on the spoken word, this fair maiden speaks to me with her captivating one-eyed gaze.

For those less fluent than I am when it comes to reading the eyes of a love interest, however, she provides convenient subtitles:

“Powered by Cannabis”

That’s right, this mysterious mistress draws her power from the very plant this blog and website are dedicated to. What’s more, she even specifies her product of choice. A cannabis-infused gummy formula by the name of Kushy Punch.

Armed with this information, my next decision was an easy one. It was time to sample this intriguing elixir of hers for myself and see if I too could tap into its cryptic powers. The results were far from disappointing.

To conduct my analysis, I purchased a pair of 100mg THC Kushy Punch gummy packs: 1 strawberry flavored sativa, and 1 watermelon flavored indica.

kushy punch cannabis edibles review
Knowing what's in your edibles? Get the hell out of here.

Pre-Consumption Experience: 10/10

As far as what’s currently available in Michigan, I haven’t seen a better-packaged product. The exterior packaging is compact and aesthetically pleasing, but I especially like the interior design. The gummies come in a super cool ice-cube tray of sorts that makes dosing really simple, and the tray comes with its own individual child-proof pouch to maintain freshness between doses. The pouches themselves are super sleek and compact, which makes this an awesome “on-the-go” edible. As far as pricing goes, $15 for 1 or $25 for 2 looks to be going rate. Not cheap, but pretty consistent with the current market.

Consumption Experience: 9/10

Very pleasant taste. Subtle flavoring with virtually no aftertaste. My only knock is that I wish the gummies themselves were just slightlyyyy bigger. I like the fact that they’re concentrated and easy to stuff in a pocket, but the individual cubes are so small that pulling them apart can be a bit of a struggle if you have fat fingers like me.

Kusy Punch Edibles Open
Took down 10 of em

Post-Consumption Experience: 9/10

As advertised on the box, both kicked in right around the 60-minute mark with a nice gradual ascent. While the indica had a bit more noticeable body effect, I wouldn’t say there’s a huge difference between the 2 gummies. Both provide a functional and liberating high that enhanced my day without dominating it. I found 20mg to be insufficient for me personally, but 40 and 60mg doses yielded excellent results. It might cost a few bucks more than your go-to gummy, and it might take a few tries to find your ideal dose, but this is a first-rate product that many will find to be worth the investment.